There is still hope for people like us...

"Sure she's always been cute, but she was starting to be seriously beautiful."

Percy Jackson

It was just a dream.

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"My only friend was Kuro, who was around the same age and lived nearby."

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Anonymous asked: prompt: mako is the one who calmed korra out of her avatar state (finale)


tried to do this but still get tonraq’s heartbroken dad moment in there because i loved it…. sry…………..


Mako gets there second, right after Jinora, and skids to a stop in the shallow crater of earth, dropping to his knees and gathering Korra off the ground. Her body is still, her limps as limp and heavy as water-soaked cloth, her lips chapped and dry - but her eyes shine like she has a star trapped inside her, an incandescent bristling of energy. And it hurts - he can see it written all over her face, tight with a pained exhaustion -

And as her chest hitches with a sharp gasp of breath, Mako brushes her hair down her cheek with his heart pounding in his mouth. This is the third time he’s seen her brought down like this, the third time, and every battle worse than the one before -

"Korra, it’s alright," he breathes. "Everyone’s safe. Everyone’s fine. You did it, you were amazing."

Tonraq kneels on her other side, clutching her hand, sharing a single, stricken glance with Mako. She shudders once, her gaze rolling blindly between Mako and Tonraq, her face crumpling with effort as she fights the poison.

Mako leans over her, wondering how to - how to make this easier for her, how to bring her out of that bitter fog - but the longer Korra lingers, struggling against the mercury, the more pain she’ll feel. He doesn’t think she’s going to die, he doesn’t, she’s too strong for that; but the last thing he wants is for her to keep hurting… anything is better..

"Korra, you don’t have to fight anymore," he says, swallowing back the thick fear that rises up his throat, "Korra. It’s okay. We’re all here. You don’t have to keep fighting." 

"Mako," she whispers, brow furrowing with a faint trace of recognition, "Dad. Dad, you’re alive…?"

She lifts her hand towards her father’s face, trembling slightly, too weak to reach him - Mako takes her wrist and presses her hand to the side of Tonraq’s face. Her eyes start to clear, the brilliant white light of the Avatar State fading just a fraction, and he can almost see the deep oceanic blue of her irises through the glow… 

"Korra, it’s me, your dad," says Tonraq, his voice rumbling softly. "and Mako. We love you. We’re never going to let you go."

Korra sighs once and relaxes into the curve of Mako’s arm as her eyes close, her hand still tightly folded into Tonraq’s, and Mako bows his head. Somewhere above them Jinora says the poison is metallic and Suyin Bei Fong runs forward. At least it won’t hurt anymore, he thinks, at least -


When you flip bats upside down they become exceptionally sassy dancers.

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