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"Sure she's always been cute, but she was starting to be seriously beautiful."

Percy Jackson

gaikokujin-fujoshi asked: 1. kagehina 2. part-time jobs :)


1.) Give me a pairing.
2.) Give me an AU setting.
3.) I will write you a three-sentence fic.

no longer accepting asks for this (;A;) Sorry!

oops this is much longer than three sentences oops oops oops

'This isn't going according to plan.' Kageyama thinks.

The moment he hears Nishinoya and Tanaka gossiping about how this tall mysterious dude has been showing up every night at the restaurant where Hinata’s working as a waiter, he decides to go there himself and see if it’s true.

Not that he was jealous or anything though.

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I NEVER KNEW HOW BADLY I NEEDED HAIKYUU!! RULE 63 UNTIL I DREW ONE. and I should be working, working on important stuff

but there was no escape, my hand was drawing uncontrollably 

also a little bonus with managers which I was too tired to finish:

(via quuriou)


He was hit in the head by a volleyball and at first he looks all pissed but then he smiles that cute smile and I might be wrong but he’s probably smiling at Hinata.

Since he’s the only person who’s hit him in the back of the head with a volley ball.